December 7, 2022



Hello Loves....thank you for coming back and visiting Estelle's today.
I thought I would share the look of Christmas in the formal
dining room today.
I am loving how this tablescape turned out and had
the most enjoyable time creating this festive look.
I had a thought of using a winter look with mostly
a creamy white frosted theme.....
but wanted to add touches of traditional red and green to the 
finished look.....

I ordered these Santa candlesticks at the last moment when
they were on clearance and I am so glad I did...
they are simply stunning.
I have a similar pair from a few Christmases ago....

I decided on birch pillars and a 
frosted berry, holly candle ring..
the right textures for these candle holders....

For the centerpiece, I used a frosted winter berry garland
wrapped around as a wreath and various candlesticks of
glass, silver and pewter...some are heirlooms.

I placed one deer as an accent....
I purchased him from Home Depot about five years ago
and just love him!

These may be my all time favorite Christmas linens....
these will go to Miss M as I gifted her tea towels in this design.

I thought about using ivory tapers but I am so glad
I went with the traditional colors of Christmas in the center....

I have not decided on the menu for Christmas dinner,
but am really looking forward to the celebration of Christmas.....
I hope you have enjoyed making your home special for the holidays too.


  1. The choices you made for your table are just perfect! I like the traditional colours for the candles as well. -Jenn

  2. It is a beautiful table. I look forward to seeing your menu for Christmas dinner. You excel at everything you set your hand to.

  3. Beautiful!!! It's all so elegant! I love every single thing!

  4. I’ve used the winter forest and deer theme for my table too!! Will send pics as soon as I can find some time to do it. Even tho we won’t be sitting down to dinner this yr, I just love to admire a pretty table every time I walk thru my dining area!!!
    Yours is so soothing and cozy!!!


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