April 16, 2021


April in's just about perfect...
seeing as this was a beautiful afternoon,
with the sun shining and a delightful 75 degrees,
we decided to enjoy lunch on the patio!

I made my well loved egg salad with
a side of fresh, crisp radishes!

I do believe I could eat egg salad any time of's simple,
light and simply delicious!

And.....I had the ingredients on hand to try a new recipe
which was featured the other day by Trisha Yearwood!

This is her Chocolate-Orange Bread Pudding!
The flavors of chocolate and orange blend beautifully together!

This is a "two-thumbs up" winning recipe......
and you know the great thing about bread pudding y'all,
is using ingredients you have on need not be specific...
for this recipe I used sub sandwich rolls and
substituted Coconut Coffee Creamer for the heavy cream.....
this was MARVELOUS!!!!!
I also used semi-sweet chips, rather than dark chocolate.......

I highly recommend this recipe from Trisha....
this is company worthy!!!!



  1. Hmmmm...Bread Pudding is almost my favorite dessert. This sounds like a delicious combination. I will check it out.

  2. must have sent the rain this way for we have had a downpour all the live long day!!! But if I had made that bread pudding (hubs favorite!) the day would have been much brighter. Plan to make it next week for sure!! Egg salad? Made a big dish of it last weekend and eaten on it all week. We must be on the same wave length!!!!

  3. what a Lovely Spring post Betsy! you had me at your delicious Egg Salad.
    like you say... so light... and for me... absolutely wonderfully Simple. LOL!!!
    and on a perfect Texas spring day outdoors... (I always love your tiny videos) oh my!
    it just doesn't get much better than that!

  4. Everything is beautiful at your place! Thank you for the recipe! It looks amazing.
    Egg salad.....that's a perfect thig for me to make when we get back down to the ranch. We get lots of fresh eggs down there.....but they are hard to peel so I will ask Sherry for some of hers that's been in the fridge for awhile. ANd I will search your blog for the recipe!

  5. You've inspired me to make egg salad today for my lunch! Beautiful photos as always! Enjoy your beautiful spring weather!

  6. MUST make this bread pudding for my hubbs......he loves it!!!


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