February 19, 2021


I think we are near the end.....of this dire
winter weather.
I know all of you that live in the North
and the East simply do not understand how
the few inches of snow and ice we have,
can cripple the entire state of Texas,
but this winter storm brought one digit temperatures.
Our power supply apparently had not done 
their due diligence in upgrading
the power equipment to handle such frigid temps.
It is a dire on the roads which
caused a horrific 100 car wreck near downtown Fort Worth,
we have been without power for days, many without water,
grocery stores closed or very low on stock, restaurants closed,
broken pipes and homes with flooding....
our youngest in Austin has been without power or water
all week and has had to sit in his car for a few minutes of heat.
His power was restored late Thursday night thank goodness,
but Austin has no water......out state capital!
We had little power all week, but are now
going on 24 hours of power!

Indeed the snow is beautiful......


The greenbelt look during our winter storm 2021....

When we would have 20 minutes of power, I would
be able to prepare a hot meal for our dinner....
then we would lose power for the entire evening....
we wrapped ourselves in blankets and quilts day and night....

We have bobcats and coyotes all around and it is not
uncommon to see tracks in the snow....
yes, I worry about them and how they survive in weather this cold.....

We spent the days reading and sipping spiced tea for warmth....

All the swimming pools were frozen and it was a constant
effort to keep equipment wrapped with blankets and tarps
and pumps going to prevent damage.....

The cocktail hour was quiet with candlelight
and just talking....about everyone struggling and
needing warmth, a hot meal and a safe place to spend the night....

 On Thursday, we woke up to power and heat....
we enjoyed a cup of hot coffee and I just had to 
make a hot breakfast of bacon and pancakes.....
the stuff dreams are made of........

It's been a very exhausting week for us Texans....
hopefully, we are rounding the corner and 
will be blessed with some sunshine this coming week!


  1. What a hellish week. I admire Texans very much. You've got grit and gumption. So glad that your power is back. Praying that all the grids are up and at'em asap. I suppose that much will be learned from this horrid situation to prevent future troubles. My daughter just had a generator installed at her place because she was without power for 48 hours. We are not mountain men anymore, we need power. Thank you for sharing your story. How did Miss Mae cope? I hope that she was a warm and cuddly companion.

  2. I've been praying Betsy! Of course you are not prepared for this kind of weather and why would you all be? I've been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for you all and I think it's going to keep getting warmer, and that's good news!

  3. One can surely appreciate electricity when it comes back on. This week in Texas proves that deregulation leads to chaos. Those are rabbit tracks!

  4. Oh Betsy, I have been thinking about you and your family these last few days!! I'm so sorry you have had to go through this, but thankful you are okay. My sister works for Wells Fargo in the tax department here in North Carolina, and her big boss is based in Texas. She's been talking to him this week, and he has told the same things you've shared here. He also told her that people are tearing down their wooden fences to burn for firewood. Sounds to me like some heads need to roll at your state utility companies. There's no excuse for that level of unpreparedness because no one can predict where bad weather will hit next in this day and age.

    Take care my friend, and I hope your son will have access to water very soon!!

    Love and hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. I am so sorry you have had to go through this. As much as I don't like the winter weather, at least we are prepared for it and have the equipment to handle it and we hardly ever lose power during storms. God bless you-hang in there and I hope there is not too much damage when it warms up again. xo Diana

  6. I've thought about you so much Betsy.
    I can't imagine being a Mother and knowing your youngest is in a car periodically as the only way to get warm!
    we had 7 inches on top of our 2 that never melted. it has definitely been an experience. they did rolling power outages to try to curtail the overuse of it. like you... I've spent the last week in my robe with a blanket!
    even in such dire times the pictures you've shared are beautiful. and I could eat those pancakes right NOW!
    stay safe. and as warm as possible. a huge warm hug dear heart! bless you! xoxo

  7. Betsy. you have been in my thoughts and prayers. How devastating for your State. It's amazing that something like this could happen. We've had power failures, but nothing like what Texas is experiencing. I'm so happy that you and your family have your power back. I love electricity and thank God for Thomas Edison!

  8. Sorry you had to go through all this. The weather reports coming from your State and all the misery you have been going through was devastating. Praying that it will be over soon.

  9. We had 12 inches of snow. 2 inches of ice. Hubs has been preparing for off the grid living so our generator kicks in the min the electric goes out. And we have solar capacity to power the whole house so that one day of sunshine between the storms was a Godsend. We also have our own water well so when the rest of town water went down, we were still good to all our friends in for showers and water to take home with them. Even a few overnighted who lost their power on coldest night. 1degree. And all of this while still being covid safe and keeping distances and masks ready for all.
    Whew! What a week. One for the record books. I have not been outside my house in 9 days....after my 2nd shot on Thursday and snow/ice is gone, I’m busting outa here! Don’t know where I’m going but it will be somewhere fun!! Guaranteed!!!

  10. All of you in Texas have been in my thoughts and prayers. The images and stories on the news have been horrific. My brother and SIL are in San Antonio and also had the rolling black outs. Thankfully, they have power back and did not have much if any damage to their home. I am in Maryland and we have had our share of winter weather this month but thankfully nothing has been as dire as what you have all been living through this past week. The longest we went without power was during an ice storm a few years ago for 3.5 days. It was awful! Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you there.


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