May 20, 2019


That blog post title says it all...
a very busy weekend was enjoyed by all of us at Estelle's!
Hope you all had as much fun making memories as we all did!

Granddaughter Abbie is home from college....
that first year went by in a flash!

We were invited to attend the annual Spring JHS football game
complete with the marching band and the cheerleaders!
It was SO much seeing the kiddos having successful
school years and they are just growing up so darn fast!
I snapped this photo of grandson Noah with his Papa!

It was perfect weather on this Friday afternoon...
we knew a storm was headed in for Saturday....

Nick wanted to show off his new Hibachi grill and made
the most delicious chicken and steak fried rice for us!

I love seeing my children enjoy entertaining and teach
themselves new skills in the kitchen!

 This kid can cook...big time!

Creating a good fried rice means that there are many stages to this dish..
he mastered each one and we enjoyed a gourmet meal before the game!

This game is just for fun so that the students can say goodbye
to another school year....we love, love, love watching our
grandson play football!!!

I was out bright and early to the grocery
before the storm blew in...and...
of course had to pick up the new S'more's Oreos!

My lilies are finally  in bloom and they are stunning this year!

Here comes the storm and it was a doozy!!!!

The darling and I were both looking forward
to trying our first recipe in our new Air Fryer!

Fresh gulf Cajun Shrimp!
This was out of this world delicious!!!
Success on our first attempt!

Abbie was in attendance for Prom Photos..
so happy this was able to be accomplished since
we had torrential downpours all day Saturday!

These guys and dolls look just beautiful....
love the gowns!!

One more week of school and then they are off to Atlanta!

Summer is just around the corner....are you planning your getaway?


  1. We finally have had some warmer temperatures! We actually turned our a/c on yesterday. Then a big thunderstorm moved in with lots of lightning. There was a tornado in the northern part of our county, I've heard. But we didn't have anything like that here.

    We don't usually take a summer vacation. Since we homeschool, we would go in the off season, and just spend the summers in my parents pool!

  2. 😁 Wow! That freshman year really did zip on by. Lovely photo of you and your granddaughter. Your son’s cooking skills are impressive! Visit him more often. 😉 Storms all over...I see that today’s weather across the country is quite stormy, It’s raining buckets here. Have a great week down there in beautiful Texas!

  3. It looks like you had a jam packed wonderful weekend! I love seeing your grandchildren grow up, but my oh my how time flies! The photo of you with your granddaughter is beautiful!


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