April 23, 2024


Good Morning Kindred Spirits....
I so hope this finds you living your best life....
Let it be noted, that we have been successful and productive
in preparing and planting ALL of the containers with new
potting soil, new plants and seeds for the coming summer and fall seasons.
You know, last year I really did very little in the way of gardening...
and I found it did not bring us the joy it would have if I had only put 
in the efforts I should have...lesson learned.

This year, we chose the following plants and seeds to cultivate....
Rose of Sharon
Sun Patients
Fox Tail Fern
Morning Glory
Four O' Clocks

I just happened upon this butterfly in the side yard
and it was one of those little gifts of the day you never expect.....

Gardening can be a rather expensive investment these days,
but the reward of beauty and enjoyment is so worth it....
The weather has been sheer perfection the past weeks,
so it's important to get outdoors and just soak in some sun rays
and connect with nature.....

There is no better way than to enjoy the spring....

A light lunch on the patio is one of our favorite things to do.....

And, another fun fact, is to plant seeds and watch
what transforms as you watch them grow....

My Rose of Sharon this year, will be  mix of pinks....

I love planting Nasturtium....not sure why...I just love them

This will be the look in the front planter.....
really looking forward to this

Lastly, our big job, is to power wash 
oy vey....this is probably going to take us a week.....
but, it's going to get done...and I am so ready.....
what did y'all choose for your gardens this year?


Here is a delicious breakfast idea..
two eggs, brioche bread, smoked gouda cheese,
iceberg lettuce, avocado and cherry tomatoes...
makes a fabulous breakfast sandwich

the well known Italian Penicillin Chicken soup.....
a homemade broth of stock, celery, carrots and onions....
with pastina pasta and fresh parmesan.....

And, when is the last time you baked a delicious
Butterscotch Pie with a beautiful meringue?

Life can be good when you make the most of your days.....


  1. I am just nuts about nasturiums, too. And, lilacs. Such a great post today and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

  2. Oh Betsy, You make me want to get busy in my yard and pretty it up. I love your recipes and look forward to your posts weekly. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the flower selection you chose for your garden this year. I've heard that the lantana attracts the hummingbirds, so that will be a good one for sure. And you know how much I love the roses. That purple flowering bush is beautiful. Love that one. And I really like that blue hanging vase, it's very cool. The eggs and gouda cheese looks tasty, and your butterscotch pie looks amazing. I haven't had butterscotch desserts in a long time, so I'm ready. ; ) Looks like you're enjoying your Spring garden very much, Betsy.


  4. I've enjoyed this spring more than usual! This is the prettiest my gardens have ever been and I have loved going out in the mornings and working on them. Thank you for the recipes! I love ALL the things you make!

  5. Oh My.....my gardens are in a state or array!! Because I spent the month of march as a vegetable, recovering from sickness, and I left first week in April to be beachbound for another month (recovery, dontcha know?) ...my yards at home and at lake are a mess. So much work to be done. I'll get it done but it's just going to take a while once I get home. Your yard is looking fabulous and hoping all the horrible weather hasn't messed anything up. You've given me incentive!!

    1. So good to hear from you....I thought you had given up blogging....so sorry you have been ill but I think your beach trip will restore you to good health....warm hugs!

  6. Your home is as lovely outside as it is in. Love your flower selections, especially the old-fashion flowers like Rose of Sharon and four-o'clocks that remind me of my Mother's garden.


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