February 7, 2023


 This is hard...
it's never a post I wanted to write,
but it's the reality..
Our beloved, most beautiful girl, Mae passed away on February 2, 2023.

Mae and I together, began this blog known as Estelle's.
She has been a huge part of this journey from the beginning
since 2010 when we adopted Mae at 7 weeks old while living in Maine.
She was much of my inspiration and her beauty is captured in
hundreds of photos.

Mae was my daily companion in all aspects of my life....
and also the darling's...

She had a huge presence in our home....every room, every corner....

Mae had been diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy in 2016.
She had been placed on seizure medication which controlled her
seizures shortly after she began her medication.

She was seizure free for the past five years and I knew
our prayers had been answered as I thought she must be cured.
She lived a very happy and contented life...
until the last week of January when out of nowhere,
her seizures returned with a vengeance and became
progressively worse...for her and for us.
The seizures were not responding to the medication.
We  are left with shattered hearts....
My very soul is in pieces and will be for a long time.....
Mae Mobley was two months shy of her thirteenth birthday..

I hope my Mother was there to greet her with open arms
as she entered heaven....I miss you Mae Mae....
my most beautiful and precious girl....
thank you for all you gave me in life....
the happiness and joy you gave to your Papa and me cannot be put into words....


  1. My heart is breaking for you and family. I hope you take much comfort in knowing what a good life you gave Mae Mobley and how much she returned your love. God bless you.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! I always like how you featured her in your blog. They are members of our families aren’t they? - Jenn

  3. I am a reader of your blog, but don't always post. I am so very sorry for your loss. It breaks my heart. We have two fur baby kitties and they are part of the family. I hope your find comfort in the wonderful memories you have of your dear Mae Mobley. Hugs, Janie


  4. Oh I am so sorry for your loss of Beautiful Miss Mae. Thank you for letting us know because we came to look for her and love her, too. I like your thought that your mother may have greeted her. Very comforting. I do not know about such things, but I do know that God loves us and what is important to us is important to Him. A gentle hug for you... I also like to think that Miss Mae hailed from Maine.

  5. I'm so sorry. She was such a beautiful kitty. 😿

  6. Oh Betsy! I am so very sorry to read this post. I know how very much you loved Mae. She was a beautiful cat, and you and your husband gave her a wonderful life. I once had a toy poodle who also had seizures, and I ultimately had to make the decision to let her go. It is never easy to lose a pet, as they are truly members of our family. I echo what Eileen posted - you gave Mae Mobley such a good life. Sending you hugs and prayers. Connie Cottingham

  7. Dear Betsy,

    I'm so, so sorry to read this post. It was obvious what a big part of your life Miss Mae was; she was indeed a beautiful cat. You may remember once I commented to you that I thought she looked so much like our cat, Tucker, who died in 1999. I hate this for you and your husband -- we get so attached to our pets here, too. Our animals can be such a blessing, especially after our children leave the nest. I will be thinking of you and your darling husband -- I wish I could help.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  8. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can sympathize and understand having gone through this loss myself and more than once. I loved your Miss Mae Mobley posts and I love you.

  9. Oh Betsy! I am so sorry. She was a beautiful girl. She lives on in your many photos of her and in your heart!

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss and heartbreak. I always loved seeing Miss Mae in your photos. She is now pain and seizure free and cuddling in your Mother's arms. My prayers are with you today.

  11. Sorry for your loss. Miss Mae was a gift.

  12. i am so sorry that she's gone; that loss is hard to experience. may her memory give you peace and comfort.

  13. So sorry for your loss of Mae Mobley.

  14. Oh Betsy...I can feel your heartbreak. Mae was a part of your heart and family for almost her entire life. And you were always her family and had her heart.
    I just read a Snoopy cartoon....Charlie Brown is talking to Snoopy ...
    Sometimes my memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.
    I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your precious kitty.

  15. Awe, Betsy............I am so sad to hear of the passing of Mae Mobley. My heart hurts for you and your family. She was such a beautiful fur baby and was loved by so many. Hugs today for you and please email me your address. I wanted to send you happy for your yard. XOXO's. alicemonroe17@yahoo.com

  16. Sorry to read this Betsy. I know Mae was your precious pet. My children have lost faithful dogs this past winter. Pets are family, or should be anyway. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  17. Oh my dear Betsy.....I am so sorry for your loss......no one understands unless they've been thru it. But she was loved and pampered and hugged and kissed so much by ya'll that I'm sure she is spreading that love now to your mom above!!! Give yourself some time and then find another purr baby to fill the hole in your heart.
    Loves to you!!!!

  18. Sigh.... So sad to read this, my Dear.

    Many, many, many gentle hugs, to you and your husband.

    With love,
    "Miss B.B."

  19. Your heart must be in pieces, Mae was your constant companion and a true beauty. Take care of yourself.

  20. Betsy, I am so sorry to hear that your beloved Mae passed away. And I'm sorry that she had seizures, those are awful. These are such sweet pictures you shared with us today. I especially love the one where she's looking out the window. She is a pretty cat, and so precious to you and your family. I am thinking of you today, and sending thoughts of comfort and love. Take care, Betsy.


  21. Dear Betsy, I know you must be devastated. I am so sorry for the loss of Mae. I remember when she first started having the seizure problem as I commented with a thought or two on medications to try. My dog had been having seizures for a couple years back then, too. I know how horrible these can be on both the pet and the parents. I'm sure nothing will help with the pain and loss you feel right now but please know that Mae living so long seizure free and happy is pretty remarkable. And please know, also, her beauty will live on and on. I send you a big hug and my sincere condolences.

  22. I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago and it quickly became a favorite. From a fellow cat lover please know how sorry I am to read about your beautiful Mae Mobley. I hope the pain in your heart will be eased by the beautiful memories you shared.


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