April 29, 2021


My mother was a lovely hostess
to her friends and family and belonged
to many social clubs throughout her life.
I was fortunate enough to learn
how she created beautiful  table settings
and prepared food that was so scrumptious,
yet could be prepared with "no-fuss" menu!
I'll bet you are thinking of all the time
it takes and expense involved to entertain
with lavish appetizers that are expensive
to prepare...but just wait...
these easy and economical ideas were featured in Southern Sideboards 
back in the early 1980's...

*Saturate a block of cream cheese with Pickapeppa sauce.
*Top a cracker spread with cream cheese with a sweet pickle slice.
*Use cheddar cheese and hot pepper jelly in a cracker round.
*Wrap a Waverly cracker with a thin slice of bacon,
 bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

*In a double boiler, melt Jalapeno cheese with can of chili with beans,
serve in a chafing dish with buttery crackers.

*Top Triscuts with melted butter and lemon-pepper seasoning.....
toast in a 350 degree oven until hot!
*Spear toothpicks with browned sausage and cubes of cheddar cheese...
serve with a dipping sauce made from 1/2 cup mild taco sauce and 
1/4 cup Picante sauce.
*Top artichoke hearts with chive cream cheese spread...serve chilled.

*Mix together one fresh cooked shrimp, chopped with 6 ounces
of cream cheese, 1 T. chives, 1/2 t. Tabasco, and lemon juice...
serve this spread with cocktail crackers.

 *Remove crust from slices of sandwich bread.
Cut each slice into 2 triangles and
spread with mushroom soup.
Roll up to a point and wrap each with
1/2 slice of thin cut bacon.
Fasten with toothpicks and bake at
375 degrees for 25 minutes.

Entertaining is simply hospitality!
It is a genuine Southern custom that we will
go to great lengths to make company feel
at home....


  1. What wonderful ideas for appetizers and savories!

  2. Betsy, thank you for all your wonderful recipes. I made your French onion soup the other night and it was delicious!


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