August 19, 2019


It has become one of our "traditions" to
enjoy a Saturday afternoon shopping at one of our favorite grocery stores
in late August to enjoy the Hatch Chile Fest!

August, 2018

This is a great seasonal event in many of our local groceries where
they feature delicious foods made with the Hatch Chiles!
The aroma of roasting peppers permeate the air....
it's very hot weather....but football season is beginning, school is starting
and you can just imagine the fall season is soon to arrive!

I so love this event and cannot wait to see what goodies are awaiting us....

I wish y'all could smell how delicious this is......

I love this store...it's a feast for the eyes...all those gorgeous fresh flowers!!

They also have a darling little shop in the store
where you can find all sorts of pretty home goods...Texas style!

How sweet is this longhorn pillow?

Gotta love Texas y'all!
Now let me share some of our grocery haul......

I have been searching for this syrup for a while and was thrilled
to finally find some....
I also was intrigued by this brand of pancake mix and I am SO
glad I tried it....
My Daddy made the children chocolate chip pancakes every time we
visited....this mix is fantastic!

While the darling is golfing on Sunday mornings, I treat
myself to a relaxing and delicious breakfast.....

This was marvelous......
I knew it was going to be a great day!

I love their deli and pick up some favorites of ours
every time we shop there....
this makes a fabulous luncheon for us....
their chicken salad is the best!

I love having freshly baked goodies in the kitchen...
today were these divine brownie bites and cranberry loaf!

What better time than to enjoy some afternoon entertainment
when it's 100 degrees....taking in a movie with a box of popcorn and 
a cold cocoa-cola!

We saw Lion King and it was very enjoyable...
beautifully filmed...the animals looked incredibly real!

Saturday night, the darling wanted to grill steak filet's and corn on the cob,
so I chose to create a foil pack with fresh salmon and asparagus....

divine.....with a side of Hatch Chile stuffed mushrooms!

The fall decorating continues, albeit a little slower right now...
no rush...I mean it is still August and so so hot.....

So, all in all...it was a good weekend.....
enjoying the Hatch Chile Fest...savouring delicious food, golfing
swimming and taking in an matinee......
wishing everyone a blessed day!


  1. Betsy, I love seeing the delicious things you picked up at the grocery...also love seeing pretty flowers. Your meal that prepared on the grill looks so good and healthy. I have never seen that syrup , and will be looking for it now. Yummy breakfast. I liked hearing about your father making pancakes for the children. Blessings for a beautiful week there in Texas, xoxo, Susie

    1. Love having you visit Susie...hope you also have a lovely week ahead!

  2. It must be quite the event! You and Linda might have met up! ☺️ Now I feel as if I should make a pancake or something for breakfast.

    1. Hi Vee....hope you are feeling better and your life will soon be back to a good normal! Hugs from Texas!

    2. If all goes well, by the end of September. Chemo 4 today. 👍🏼

  3. oh just watching the spray and hearing the cooling sound of that water! so beautiful.
    this post just makes me HUNGRY! I would love to try the syrup but allergic to artificial sweeteners.
    but my oh my... all the rest of it!
    do you realize I'm 74 years old and have never eaten a chocolate chip pancake? I know. Unbelievable.
    what have I been thinking? where have I been? ok.
    well now I'm on a Mission. thank you darling bean!
    one of my favorite movies stars James Garner and Julie Andrews. it's called 'One Special Night.
    chocolate chip pancakes play a big role in it. :) it's a wonderful little movie. xo

    1. Hi Tammy...I will recommend the pancake mix...it's time you treat yourself! I saw that movie...it's a classic for sure!

  4. Oh I remember this time last yr I was at Central Market when it was "hatch" season...I came home with so many different hatch combos...my husband said NO....TOO MUCH!!! I have to be over there next week...I may need to visit Central Market this time!!! and definitely to pick up that chocolate waffle miX!!!!!
    I saw The Art of Racing in the Rain. Waaaaaay too soon after losing my sophiejane to watch that one. Great movie but I just should have waited longer. Cried all the way home...
    Your salmon looks SO delish......what was sauce on top?
    I am SO OVER summer. These temps are not conducive to sweet young things like myself!!!!! hahahahaha

    1. I would not be able to watch that movie....cannot take animal movies that make me cry....I am over Summer too...enough already!

  5. I love to visit specialty markets such as this one, the pancakes look so delicious, one of my fondest memories as a child was when my Dad would prepare breakfast on Saturdays for us. It was usually Spanish toast, still a favorite of mine.
    You mentioned in a previous post your hobby of photography, I admire your photos so much could you tell me what camera or app you use. I also enjoy taking photos, but can't seem to get the quality that you have.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Sue! Love having you visit me! Of course, I thank you for leaving me such sweet comments too! While living in Maine, I had a very old Canon that began my photography hobby! It sadly broke about five years ago, so I just use my I-phone for photos now! Do I miss my Canon....sure do, but it's so convienent to just use my phone when we are out and about....do you enjoy photography too?

  6. my fav gro store, too. i love hatch ANYthing !!
    i am hanging onto summer with both hands

    1. Hey BJ...I thought of you the other day when I came across the White Chocolate Apricot bread....it's such a lovely store isn't it! Warm hugs..did you get your cast off yet?

  7. Good morning! I love pancakes! I rarely eat them but I do love it when I do. They always remind me of my dad, he used to make pancakes or waffles for us every weekend and still does when I go home.

    I want to start to decorate for Fall too but it is so, so hot here. I do love the pumpkins and the smells and treats of Fall.

    1. Hi Elizabeth....yes indded, it is really hot but then it is late August....that's why thoughts turn to the fall season as we are all a bit wilted right now...I certainly look forward to your Friday posts and all the goodies you have in store for us! Warm hugs!


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