January 19, 2017


Just as I was thinking about "purging my closets,"
I thought perhaps I better take inventory of
items I love but haven't worn in awhile.
I am SO glad I did, because when
I visit fashion boards and think about outfits
to coordinate, I always come up with new ideas
with accessories I already have!
Here are some of my favorite fashions
for the Winter of 2017!

I almost never wear heels anymore, opting
for ballet flats instead.
I walk better and feel better,
so I am always on the look out for pairing
them with slacks and accessories!
I think this year, I may invest in some Tory Burch flats!

It helps me tremendously to see
how jewelry accents certain wardrobes.
Don't you just love the pop of blue
in the cardigan?
I probably would have never thought to put
these colors together and I just love it!

Believe it or not, I have an olive color bag
that I have not carried for some time.
This outfit is so chic....love the chunky heels too!
And...I have a scarf just like this one!

These are my colors!
This outfit is perfect for an afternoon
lunch date down on the square.
Are you loving chandelier earrings as much as I am?

This is perfect for date night with the darling!
I am REALLY excited about this look!

 Now this one....this one is my favorite!
Lipstick Red and animal print flats....
love the cuff bracelet too!

What's in your closet these days?


  1. Shopping your closet is an excellent idea. Trust me, my closet holds no fun treasures like yours! My favorite is outfit #3.

    1. I love that one too Vee! Just fun to have some inspiration on these gray winter days! Big hugs from Texas!

  2. I need to purge my closet! These are well put together outfits! Very inspiring!

    1. I need to clean my closets and give away all those business suits I have. I'll bet most of us could pull together some of these looks with things we have on hand! Have fun doing so Deanna!

  3. This looks like my closet! I have a lot of the elements to put together these outfits. I've been slowly weeding out and adding to my closet this past year. I'm really happy with the way things are now. And I never wear heels either. It's flats all the way for me.

    1. I can relate Kathy! I do love the look of heels,but can't walk very well in them anymore! Ah well..it comes with age doesn't it? Have a great weekend!

  4. Betsy, I love the things you have chosen. I do not wear heels any more...which gives me major shoe envy. I loved wearing heels and boots with heels. I absolutely love gold jewelry . I love a wee touch of animal print once in a while. I truly never need to purchase another piece of clothing ...ever. !! LOL... Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. I know what you mean Susie..I love heels!I agree...just a touch of animal print....never too much! Keep in classy! Have a lovely weekend! It's flip flop weather here in Texas!

  5. Such pretty outfits, Betsy. I really like using scarves to accessorize with in winter. I can take a plain white blouse and black slacks and add a scarf for many different looks. The pretty flats you have featured would suit me to a tee! Have a nice afternoon. ♥

    1. I love scarves to Martha Ellen! That outfit can work for so many occcasions! I know you must look very well put together! Love it! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting today!

  6. it occurs to me that if grace kelly had lived she could have easily been seen in every outfit here.
    that beautiful ivory colored unconstructed blazer is heavenly.
    can a jacket be heavenly? LOLOL!
    i've always loved the look of easy elegance. and that's the hallmark of each of these.

    and alas. for me as well... no more heels. when i think i used to wear them EVERY day! oh my!
    but they are making stylish and lovely little ballet flats now and they're so much happier to wear! xo

    1. Me too Tammy! However, I never minded back then! I adore the blazer as well! My favorite! Hope you enjoyed this little bit of fashion inspiration!

  7. I love the fourth one and the final one the best! I agree with how inspiring it is to look at the internet and see how clothes are put together - it gets you thinking differently and reminds you of some pieces you already have. -Jenn

    1. You are exactly right Jenn. It gives ideas that you never think of....I love having a new wardrobe without buying anything new! Hope this was fun for you!

  8. I like all your choices...I am so hooked on leggings and boots for wintertime wear...I love the long tops and scares and my rust colored jacket...I just took two trash bags full of olden clothes to the thrift shop...and hoping to be able to get thru the following cold months and be able to buy some cute spring and summer wear...

  9. I love #3 and #6! My closet would not reveal too many nice surprises!!! Ha!!!! I do need to go shopping . . . Mommy's always last!(and we wouldn't have it any other way!) Blessings friends!!!


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