June 4, 2023


Hello Kindred Spirits.....how is the start to your Summer going?
I plan on spending much of our time poolside before
it becomes unbearably hot....we have no big travel plans
and are so grateful that our outdoor living space has been
transformed into our own private oasis....
I am good with a glass of ice cold lemonade and burgers on the grill....

I am so enjoying this beautiful Dahlia that Miss M gifted to me
for Mother's Day...the first time I will be growing on of these beauties!

Our Lilac Vitex is a proven winner and is absolutely
a showstopper!

These are called Sunset Lilly's

So far, I am thrilled with how Mae's Memorial Garden is growing...
These Canna's will be a bright orange....

It's something to look forward to....

I am in love with Four O' Clocks....
they never disappoint.

They are soft and delicate....such pretty, pretty colors....

Another Dahlia in early bloom....

I adore growing Rosemary....it smells heavenly.....

As I was cleaning and organizing a kitchen cupboard the other day,
I came across this beautiful bowl that I had totally forgotten about...
it's now on display where I can enjoy it everyday.....

I received this cookbook for Mother's Day also, and it's
chocked full of delicious recipes to try....

Such as a Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa Peach and Blueberry Cobbler.....

It can be the little things that make you happy to
entertain and celebrate the seasons....
I would love to hear how you are doing the same at your house...
see y'all next time!


  1. My favorite season is autumn, but several years ago I decided to embrace each season and enjoy it. Summer is a good one, though the heat and humidity can be bad, it also allows us to swim and grill outdoors, and enjoy summer evenings watching the stars!
    Your flowers are all looking amazing!

    1. I am so in agreement with you Deanna....I long for the fall season always...dream about it and all the marvelous decorations and the fell of those autumn days....but at my age, I remind myself to live in the moment.....wishing you a beautiful week ahead!

  2. Good Morning, Betsy! Your Four O' Clock's are beautiful. Mine are not blooming yet but they will. I just adore your posts and look forward to them. We are having company the first weekend in July. What are your favorite two or three main dish casseroles that have no seafood in them? Our company is allergic to seafood. I have never been disappointed with your recipes. I wish you and the Darling a fantastic week ahead. Stay cool! I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a million!

    1. Good Morning Alice....thank you for such a sweet comment and for stopping by today...if you look under LABELS on the right side of my blog, you can search MAIN COURSE and find hundreds of our favorite recipes....I think you may find a few your company and family will really enjoy!

    2. Thank you! I was only clicking on the first group. I figured out how to click on older posts and found tons of recipes. I am so excited and found numerous to try out. Thanks again!

  3. I really adore dahlias. And, that canna is gonna be a show-stopper for sure. Wish I had a green thumb. I think mine molded somewhere along the time I tried gardening.

  4. What gorgeous flowers that you have to enjoy! My garden, and flowers, have really taken off and are growing like crazy. We've had quite a few hot, sunny days up here in southern Minnesota and the plants love it. We enjoy our summer by taking the pontoon to the lake for fishing and sitting under the canopy reading. If the grandkids are along, we are tubing and waterskiing. Summer is never long enough for me!

  5. Oh how you've just brightened my day with this beautiful post! Your gardens are just pure bliss...I am so far behind on my planting because of the beach getaway. Hopefully going to correct that this week. I've had so much every dingle dangle day just catching up that I don't seem to have any time these days....I miss cooking and keeping my house in order. Have had several friends pass or sick that I've been helping out with their families. And of course, always on the road to Plano for grandkids activities....and had ALL 6 of them for the whole Memorial Day weekend...whew! STILL recuperating from that! I really think I just need to schedule a day just for getting my blog up to date...
    Do you by chance have a good recipe for blackberry cobbler....do you think your recipe above would work with blackberries? My son has a huge crop of them this yr and I'm scrambling to make something with them!
    And summer plans for us?? I hope NOTHING! Just hanging by my pool and reading books sounds awesome right now!

    1. Hi Janey...this cobbler is great for any fruit or pie filling. I have several great cobbler recipes featured and you can search under the COBBLER label....sure enjoyed your beach photos~

  6. You are such a resource for everything home, especially your recipes. It's blueberry you-pick season, and I froze several pints. Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of blueberries, but this cobbler will disquise them for me. Why, you might ask do I eat them anyway? They are a very healthy super food, antioxidant, and flavonoid that help prevent memory loss. Love that cobbler name too!

  7. You are all ready for Summer, Betsy. So many lovely things in your home and outside this Summer. I have to say, that peach and blueberry cobbler looks amazing. I am sipping my coffee right now reading your delightful blog, and wish I had a slice. You have so many pretty flowers growing in your garden right now. The Dahlia is beautiful, and I have another blog friend who loves this flower. I'm glad you came across that bowl and can display it now in your kitchen, it's so charming. And that blue pot in the first picture is my favorite. A wonderful photo of you and your husband. Enjoy the Summer days, Betsy. They seem to come and go quickly, and then before we know it, it's Fall. : )


  8. In love that Texas cookbook! Looks like you are enjoying summer so far! Me too! I shared a recipe today too. Hugs, Diane


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