December 2, 2022


Merry Christmas everyone!
How is you decorating coming along?
Are you knee deep in ribbons and garland?
Today, I thought it may be fun to take a look
at some fabulous coffee and hot cocoa stations
all dressed up for the holidays!

We all have our favorite mugs that we enjoy
using for Christmas and these are some fabulous ways
to brighten up a space in your kitchen
as you welcome those you love home for Christmas!
All of these ideas were found on Pinterest!

This is so creative and festive....
of course the high end coffee/espresso machine
is accented with all the goodies and delights to add
to a hot cup of cocoa!
It's also fun to note that not all the mugs used here
are dedicated to a Christmas's the unexpected
that I love!

This one is Rae Dunn inspired and is a cute
little Gingerbread theme...wonderful use of tray too!

I adore vintage Santa mugs...if you own some of these....
put them out on display....totally adorable and a reminder
of an old-fashioned Christmas!

Be still my heart......
how adorable are the mugs????
Love the basic creamy white theme with the addition
of peppermint goodies....well done!

This is the basic white mugs in varying heights
and accented with springs of cedar and cinnamon sticks....
This has a real farmhouse vibe with the wooden crate and
old glass canisters....brilliant idea!

This is just plain sweet...nothing over the top
and what grandchild would not enjoy this little
tiered tray!

This design is great....the pops of red
against all the black must have been a joy to design and decorate...
I know I would love to see this in someone's home!

Whoever designed this little station is soooo creative....
they made great use of this small accent table....
bravo's too cute!

This space evokes feelings of Christmas past.....
the transferware and all the vintage pieces used....
I simply adore this!

I tell ya'...there are some creative people out there.....
this is beautiful and I love how they layered all the glass jars
with a little kitchen's just beautiful!

This beverage station features a lovely holiday cake....
perfect for guests or a book club gathering.....very classic!

I came away with a bit of about you?
I am excited to design my own and I hope you will share
your little beverage station with me....thanks for stopping by today!
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. It's hard to choose a favorite with all these beauties. Thanks for sharing them. Now I'm going to go back and look at them again.

  2. So lovely. I have tried having a beverage station, though it was never used and I don't have the room. Oh well, I love seeing the creative gals do their thing.

  3. All very pretty and clever!!!

  4. The hot cocoa stations are the best. Guess it's because I have seriously been thinking about heading to the kitchen to make me a mug of hot chocolate.

  5. I just love these examples, Betsy! I have a little coffee/cocoa bar in my kitchen. I think I need to take some pictures here and post things. Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  6. These are great coffee and hot chocolate spaces, Betsy. I am drawn to the red corners, as I love red at Christmastime. I really would like to do something like this, as my son has been making specialty coffee drinks this season, using coffee and hot chocolate and cinnamon and spices. The red transferware and the vintage pieces against the pine walls really got to me, as I have pine walls in my dining area. The coffee bar space really is charming. The gingerbread theme is so cute too. These are all so creative. Thanks for sharing them.

    It looks like you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season.



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