May 23, 2022



Good Morning all you precious guys and dolls....
welcome back to Estelle's!
I'm so glad you decided to come back and visit a minute!
I have got a fun surprise for you today!
There is a gift we have when blogging, which
is making friends across the miles....and it's a marvelous
way to stay connected and enrich our lives!

So, I thought, why not host a Summer Book Club party
and invite all of you!!

If you are not off on a tropical cruise or
touring the Italian countryside in June,
I hope you will come and enjoy the party!

I have selected three different books I plan to feature that just may
interest you for your summer reading.....and, I hope to provide
you with some inspiration for easy decorating,

We will enjoy delicious summer foods, along with recipes, and an idea
for a lovely cool mock cocktail!

So watch for the upcoming post,
settle in with a cup of coffee and 
enjoy the party!
You can even wear your favorite casual outfit!!

See you there!


  1. That sounds fun! I'll be here!

  2. Are those ladies drinking beer at a tea party? 😁

  3. A nice way to start the summer! Thanks for hosting!

  4. This sounds like fun. I'm interested.

  5. What a lovely idea but (either unfortunately or fortunately) I just joined a very small book club and we are currently reading 'Two Nights In Lisbon'. It's getting interesting... very! Wonder how it's gonna turn out.


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