March 14, 2015


I just received my copy of
Mississippi Magazine!
In the mood......
for planning the garden!

I know we must all be yearning for warmer days and
 feeling that soft green grass under our feet! 
I need some garden inspiration! How about you?

I am going to go "pot crazy" this spring and summer!
Big pots of beautiful blooms by the pool and on the patio!

I love to gain inspiration about colors to choose to pair together!
It also helps to visualize types of plants that do well in a certain type of planter! 

A must have are pink peonies.....somewhere......anywhere! 
I grew them so beautifully in Maine!

The bigger, the bolder....the more beautiful! 

OK! This is my all time favorite inspiration!
I would never come inside if I could achieve this look!

Everyone needs a little meditation spot, don't you agree?
Everything is so vibrant and so green, 
you can just take a deep breath and imagine all of that clean, fresh air!

What an elegant entry!
I adore Tuscan style urns! 

A lush look for a hide-a-way small space! 
This reminds me of my sister's back patio!

I have these on my list of must-haves!

Oh perfect!
 I want this same look for the side patio...right outside of Mr. Big's office! 
This reminds me of a Tuscan villa!

I find this perfect for a New England patio! 

I hope you enjoyed all of this garden inspiration!
I know I certainly did! 

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  1. I needed these beautiful photos today, Estelle. It is cold and grey here today!

    1. I hope it brightened your day Katie. Texas is pretty much the same. We need some vitamin D rays don't we? Enjoy your weekend love!

  2. Very inspiring! I am dreaming here, too.

    Thanks also, for the link!


  3. Very pretty magazine! You must enjoy mornings and evenings in your Texas garden. Soon it will be time to get those plants together! (Not here, but there!)


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