July 4, 2022


Happy Fourth of July kindred spirits!

Do you have plans to celebrate America today?
We actually decided to honor the 4th on Saturday
and today, I am sharing a few snippets of our gathering!


The weather was a tad on the hot side with
the temperature reading about 93 degrees....
we have triple digits coming all next week......

It was requested I make homemade potato salad and
I aim to please.....it was absolutely delicious!

My grandmother was well known for her potato salad
and I can never come close to hers...but this batch was loved
by everyone..that's good enough for me!

I didn't do a lot of decorating for a patriotic theme,
but did bring out a few favorites for the table....

Sweet Betsy Ross......

Swimming, barbecue and paper plates make for a good July 4th.....

The ribs and sausage were amazing.....

And, German Chocolate Cake with a cream cheese frosting.....
We can still enjoy some leftovers which is the best part of all...
I hope each of you, enjoy the day!

But before you go, here is a lovely idea for 
a refreshing and beautiful summer tea.....

A cold water infusion of Strawberry, Lemon
and Orange Blossom

Add fresh frozen fruit.......
strawberries, peaches, pineapple and mango....

Now, sip slowly, breathe deeply and relax......


  1. I love your paper plates and napkins! Too Cute! Have an excellent day!

  2. I've just discovered cold infusion waters/teas. Today I made the blackberry/hibiscus to drink throughout the day. I love your fourth of July decorations! So, happy fourth to you.

  3. You celebrated well! Thank you for the tea information. I'll be looking for it.

  4. Sounds like fun times at your house. My mom was not a very good cook, never had the things to make much with, but she could make potato salad and fry chicken. We used to tease her about it being time to get the chicken up out of the hot skillet when the fire alarm went off. LOL I am so happy everyone loved your potato salad. Made me recall my mother's. I sure miss it. Those drink mixes look very tasty. I hope I can find some. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  5. What a talent you have. Not only does your food look delicious your presentation is so beautiful! I'm definitely going to try the tea.

  6. oh what a joy! a post from Estelle's! I know I'm Irish.
    but I must be Totally Irish because I could happily and Totally live on Potatoes!
    and potato salad is particularly wonderful! your little 4th touches are charming.
    and the tiny video... with the sound of WATER! how I love it.
    we're in a drought.... and just the Sound of it! it does something for my soul.
    and can't wait to try that gorgeous frozen fruit infusion tea. it's beautiful.
    I'm ready for our triple digit week of Heat now... I'll just visit Here! xoxo

  7. Ohhhh that tea!!!!

    -smile- I have been noticing how you have been playing with your Background. Going from small, to a bit foggy, to large, at the moment. It is fun to play with our Blog Look, isn't it???? It's one of the things I miss so much, when having to be away from blogging...

    Gentle hug,

  8. The cake in the picture goes well with the patriotic 'this for thee great land of liberty'.

  9. Your potato salad looks delicious! I love home made potato salad the best. Those teas are so refreshing. I love the peach. Very sweet video. I want a pool!


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