January 1, 2017


There was one can of pumpkin left in the pantry.
Believe it or not, I let October and November
pass me by without making my favorite
Pumpkin Bread!
Lo and behold, I came across this vintage recipe
on Pinterest and decided to bake a loaf.
Oh my, my......yes my loves,
it is Blue Ribbon worthy!

I will no longer wait until Fall to bake this lovely
quick bread recipe. How divine
to enjoy this with morning coffee or tea.
I highly recommend this one!
Y'all enjoy!
The lovely tea towel was part
of a lovely gift from the Stonewall Kitchen!


  1. I knew that there would be another beautiful header in all its winter glory! Now this is a recipe I am much interested in because the last pumpkin breads I made in November were terrible. That recipe called for a cup and a half of water and, believe me, the flavor was watered down and it took forever to bake. This sounds much more like it! (Alas, only frozen pumpkin and no handy leftover can in the pantry.)

  2. It looks beautiful. You have me craving cinnamon now! -Jenn

  3. Oh...this looks so good. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Hugs & Blessings,

    ps...my blog moved from Jan's Place to Strengthening my Resolve today!! Please come by and follow...

  4. I love pumpkin bread any time of the year, Betsy! Happy New Year, my friend. I hope your year is full of JOY! ♥

  5. I am saving this recipe! I have a couple of cans of pumpkin left, too. I might make this today yet! Happy New Year to you! xo Diana

  6. oh YUM!
    this takes me straight back to my darling little mother... the first Christmas elf.
    so this post is a visual and memorable delight. thanks!
    may your new year be filled with all that's good. beginning with this fine punkin' bread! :D ♥

  7. Pumpkin bread is a favorite around here but I seem to always be making them into muffins!
    Your blog looks winter lovely!! I imagine you miss Maine right around now....

  8. This look very lovely going to try.

  9. This made such delicious bread ! Thank you so much for posting. I forgot that I had put a loaf in the freezer. It was wonderful !!

  10. Just made two loaves and my home smells like Fall Y'all---warm and welcoming. I needed to bake them for one hour and ten minutes, but it was worth the extra time. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!


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