December 24, 2012

Christmas Gift Everyone!

"So it was over. We grew up. World War II came and went. The grandparents died. Then the aunts and uncles. The sisters and I married. We all had children. We settled in the homes in the country, the sisters on The Place, almost within shouting distance of each other. Our children were now the cousins. We stayed in our individual homes on Christmas Eve, but we all descended on the Big House on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day in the morning."

"Oh, we were blessed. Let's don't give each other gifts; it's enough just to be together and love one another. Let's remember the true meaning of Christmas.

But....if you are going to get me another dress this year. be sure it has long sleeves!"

"Then they died. Both of them. In the house. At home. Christmas dinner moved to my house. Our families grew. Our children married and had children, each unit began staying at home as it grew, establishing it's own traditions."

"On the way home, I said, "Jimbo, will you do me a favor? Would you sing Silent Night for me?" And he did. In perfect pitch, key, tune, whatever words the people who know use to describe such an absolutely beautiful and perfect moment in music. Joy to the World..the Lord had come...Let earth receive her King.
And Heaven and Nature sing.....

"Oh Christmas gift! Christmas gift everybody!"
excerpt~"Christmas Gift, Ferrol Sams

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