July 22, 2016


I came across this photo today
it instantly transported me back to my grandmothers home.
A very small town in Ohio where everyone knew everyone.
WE knew everyone.
Most All of those people are now gone...
including my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
I so miss them.....
but it IS lovely to think about those days long ago.
We only have today and we are certainly not promised a tomorrow...
so....TODAY, I am thinking about things that make me happy.

I am so looking forward to fall...
the colors of Autumn are so warm and comforting.
This photo reminded me of shopping with Mother
preparing for back to school days, football games
the leaves falling in the front yard.

Don't you love autumn evenings
when the candles glow from within our homes
and pumpkins are all about.....
While we lived in Maine,
our little New England village
began decorating for Autumn on September 1st.
The fall came quickly...and....it was marvelous.......

Oh yes, worn heirloom quilts draped over tables
and chairs......sunflowers and garlands...
pumpkin bread baking in the oven....

I have a swan just like this....
inspiration for making a fall arrangement....
to compliment mother's sideboard.

Autumn is such an elegant season...
it is God's gift to us my darlings.....
it's there for the taking...
embrace those glorious months.

My dining room chandelier is always on a dimmer....
it can make an October evening so romantic......

Autumn....that mystical magical time to feel alive.......

Enjoy your weekend loves!

Images~ Pinterest


  1. Yes!

    The summer heat/humidity is getting to us!

    We are dreaming ahead, of Autumn...


    Try to stay cool....

    Let's hope our nation's power grid holds... :-(

    Stay cool hugs,

  2. Fall...seems so far away for us out here in West Texas...Sept and Oct can be almost as warm as August....I loved seeing all your images.

  3. Betsy, I hope you know Linda @ Linda's Life Journal....she is just crazy for autumn. She decorates to the moon and back. Lots of twinkle lights...I love that. I like sweaters in fall colors too. Reading about your family's hometown in Ohio...sends me back in time. I remember gatherings with lots of family members. Now my siblings and I are becoming the older generation in our family..as we have few cousins , aunts or uncles left. Makes me wish I had asked more questions of their lives , listened more and given more hugs. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. visit Linda's blog, she lives in Irving, Texas.:):)

  4. I love all these pictures, Betsy!! I'm glad you reminded me of long-gone school days and football games with the sweater image -- such good memories. Fall is just about our favorite time of year here at Forest Manor; the Mister and I started dating in the fall. :) I've always imagined that Maine must be one of the most beautiful places in autumn; I bet you really enjoyed living there!

    A fun post, Betsy, and I'm glad you gave me a little glimpse of fall here in this scorching summer heat. I hope you have a great weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. I love every photo and every word, dear Betsy. Autumn seems far away, but it will be here before we know it. Yes, we must enjoy every moment of every day, even when we are in the height of summer. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  6. Thank you for these lovely photos of the best time of year. My Pinterest board for all things fall flavored is named 'I Live for Autumn'. I do!

  7. How refreshing. I love the Fall.

  8. Oh my dear Estelle, You have so stated this very thought I was thinking yesterday. Fall is magical and it seems like everything is a new thing... Maybe it is the smells and the love of baking... This was so sweet and makes me so look forward to Fall...
    Are Ya Ready for some football?
    Love, Roxy xo

  9. Betsy,

    Autumn is my absolute favorite! I can't wait! This year I have two new granddaughters to look forward too!

  10. I love Autumn, too. I am still really enjoying summer at the moment, however and want summer to last as long as possible (Canadian speaking, here!). The pictures you chose are beautiful. -Jenn

  11. I take it Texas is hot! Usually, thoughts turn to autumn when it is scorching. It has even been plenty warm here. I can see how that very evocative photo could cause one to ponder autumnal themes as well.

  12. Greetings Betsy from a fellow native Ohioan! Ohio is such a pretty state! Thank you for the fall pics -- I'm looking forward to the Country Living Fair in Columbus soon! Lots of fun fall stuff! Although I'm still seriously enjoying our summer!!!! It's been in the 90s and humid! I love it! Ha!

  13. Hi there Jennifer! How happy I am to meet you...a beautiful Ohio girl! Welcome to Estelle's! I shall always LOVE OHIO! Summer is in full swing here in Texas....I know you must be looking forward to the beautiful Autumn season up there in your beautiful state of Ohio! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such sweet comments! Have a beautiful week!


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